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Quest Overview
Starting Location 027-2 Graveyard
Level 30 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. You have two options to get to the Graveyard. First, you have to find your way there by foot. Travel west from the Woodlands to the southwest of Hurnscald, where Gwendolyn is. Eventually, you will reach the Woodland Swamp area. Continue going west until you reach the Swamp. Head a bit northwest, and you can find the path to the graveyard. Then talk to Styx the traveller. After going there once, you can go south of Classic:Hurnscald and talk to Dyrin and pay 2000 GP to be transported there.
  2. The caretaker's hut is on your right, heading down the first track. Go inside.
  3. Click on the caretaker, and after he talks to you the first time, and the text box is closed, click on him again. He will have a letter for you to deliver to Airlia.
  4. To find Airlia, head south of the Classic:Soul Menhir in Classic:Hurnscald, and head east on the first street. Enter the second building. Airlia is inside on the right.
  5. Talk to Airlia and deliver the letter to receive your reward.


  • This is just a quick tip, but if you can always remember to pick up a letter when you start in the graveyard, you will always have GP and EXP waiting on you when you return to Hurnscald. (note : dying doesn't get you there anymore)


  • 1,000 GP and 2,000 EXP the first time
  • 42 GP and 500 EXP every time afterwards