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Quest Overview
Starting Location 031-2 Angela's House
Level 70
Prerequisites Angela's Daughter
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. After entering Angela's house, talk to her. She will ask you for Yellow Present Boxes or White Present Boxes.
  2. Give her 3 Yellow Present Boxes. Since it is a daily quest, you can come back the next day and start once again to win the EXP and the GP given.


  • Each time you give 3 Yellow Present Boxes to Angela, you consume 32 Daily Points.
  • This quest will only work for players who are level 70 or above. Otherwise Angela will recommend you to kill stronger monsters first.
  • This exhausts you the same as the other Daily Quests.

Yellow Present Boxes are dropped by:

  • Yetis (8%)


  • 1,300 EXP
  • 5,300 GP

Total Cost: