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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald
Level 30
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. Go to the hospital in Hurnscald and go to the second floor. Here you will see Lena. She needs your help to get rid of Bandits.
  2. Head West of Hurnscald then, when you reach Auldsbel, go North and enter the small cave.
  3. Kill some Bandits and go back to Lena with the 10 Bandit Hoods.
  4. She will give you the Fairy Hat and will ask you to kill the Bandit Lord in a cave.
  5. Head to the cave where you killed the Bandits and this time, head South just before the bridge near Auldsbel. Enter the Bat cave and then, the Cave Snake cave. Head south west and enter a small opening.
  6. Talk to Bryant, he will give you the Silver Key to be able to kill the Bandit Lord.
  7. Go Southeast of the cave where you still are and enter the little opening where you will see a red carpet near it. When you kill the lord, you'll be informed by a message and receive 20 Boss Points.
  8. Go back and talk to Lena. You will receive the Forest Armor as a reward.


  • Bandits are really easy to kill but it takes time to get the 10 Bandit Hoods asked, be sure to spend time on that quest.
  • The Bandit Lord is an archer so approach with care. Getting the services of a healer can be useful.
  • Sometimes the Bandit Lord will not be in his cave, e.g. if he kills you and you don't return right away. Talk to Bryant again to make the Bandit Lord reappear in his cave.

Bandit Hoods are dropped by:


Total Cost: