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Quests are tasks usually given by NPCs. They can include simple missions like collecting items or talking to several NPCs, but also more complicated things like solving puzzles or winning a boss fight. Some Quests have requirements like having completed another Quest before or being at a certain level or above, some have costs like items or money. Every Quest will reward you with something. The rewards can be EXP, money, items, equipment, Daily Points, Boss Points, Skills, Magic, Spells or something else. Note that EXP rewards will grant the total amount, meaning they don't get cut off when reaching a new level so you can also raise more than a single level while completing a Quest. In the Quest tables there's a level line telling you either the required level to do this Quest or that this level is just recommended.

Some Quests are special: Daily Quests can be done several times each day, Annual Quests can only be done in a certain time of the year. Other Quests are different from the others but still considered as Quests: Skills, Malivox, Candor Island and others.

Note: For Magic Quests, please see their own pages by either clicking on this link, or the link to the quests in the NPC pages. They are not - or only partially - included as they are not "real" Quests, or they may have a questline of their own.

Overview of all Quests[edit]

This page is intended to give a quick overview of all Quests and quest-like tasks available in The Mana World. For a more detailed overview including costs, rewards, prerequisites and such please check the other tables below.

The column "Useful Quests" mainly shows the above mentioned quest-like tasks, such as Candor or shop-like Quests.

See also the Wiki Category "Quest" if you want to see a list of all quests mentioned in the game.

Crafting Quests[edit]

Crafting Quests Description
Caul the Alchemist Makes Potions
Rauk the Alchemist Makes Potions
Selim the Dyer Changes clothing colors
Candide the Bleacher Makes clothing white again
Hetchel the Silk Weaver Makes silk items, including Silk Sheets.
Iron Ingots Talk to Jhedia about making Iron Ingots for armor
Nicholas the Blacksmith Makes Various Armor
Pachua Leather Goods
Lora Tay Makes Shirts and other clothing

Useful Quests[edit]

Useful Quests Description
Magic Quests Magic spells and paths to level magic
Skills Skills like Astral or Speed to improve characters
Malivox' Stats Reset Reset character's stats
Aidan and Ishi's Monster Points Earn small prizes for killing monsters
Wedding Woodland / Tulimshar Get Married to someone
Candor Battle Quest Group Battle against random mobs
Brodomir's PvP Cave PvP for money
Evil Obelisk Pay to summon rare monsters
Game Master Events Our GM team holds their own events
Fight Club Duels Control 1v1 fight system

Annual Quests[edit]

Annual Quests Time of Event
Shannon's Bowler Hat (24. Jan - 26. Jan)
Valentine's Day (13. Feb - 15. Feb)
Easter Eggs Hunt (22. Mar - 25. Apr)
Trick or Treat (1. Oct - 2. Nov)
Oscar's Pumpkins (4. Nov to 30. Nov)
Snowman's Quest (1. Dec - 28. Feb)
Santa's Stolen Presents (1. Dec - 6. Jan)
Christmas Event (1. Dec - 6. Jan)

Daily Quests[edit]

Daily quests are character related so you can do other quest with other alts as well. Some regular quests (like Cindy's one) can even make you gain additional daily Points.

Level Required Daily Quest Name of the needed item Number of the needed item Daily Points cost Money Experience Money/ d. p. Exp./d. p.
10 Imec's Stingers Scorpion Stingers 6 3 200 40 66.66 13.33
15 Riskim's Acorns Acorns 6 3 250 50 83.33 16.66
15 Doug's Cave Snake Lamps Cave Snake Lamps 5 10 1000 1500 100 150
20 Arkim's Bat Wings Bat Wings 3 4 600 100 150.00 25.00
25 Arkim's Brother - N/A All 20 x (Daily Points) 20 x (Daily Points) 20 20
30 Jack Raw Log 30 25 4000 4000 160 160
40 Mike's Stingers Black Scorpion Stingers 4 16 2,500 500 156.25 31.25
40 Miner's Treasure Keys Treasure Keys 10 35 3,000 300 85.71 8.57
60 Thurston's Bat Wings Vampire Bat Wings 20 45 4 000 1 000 88.89 22.22
70 Angela's Yellow Present Boxes Yellow Present Boxes 3 32 5,300 1,300 165.63 40.63
80 Angela's White Present Boxes White Present Boxes 3 64 10,800 2,800 168.75 43.75

Level 1-20 Quests[edit]

The recommended levels in the Low Level Quests strongly depend on how you distributed your Status Points - more than for other higher level Quests.

If you distributed your stats well you might be able to do a Quest earlier, if your stats are rather bad you might end up failing even at a higher level than recommended.

For new players doing the Candor Quests and the Newbie Quests are highly recommended as those introduce The Mana World. Also read the Walkthrough.

Other than that, Farmer's Scythe and especially the Forest Bow Quest are the most rewarding among the Low Level Quests.

Quest Starting Location Level Redoable Prerequisites Reward Costs
Candor Quests (Walkthrough) Candor Island 1 No None Cotton Shirt,
Sling Shot,
500 Sling Bullets,
Ragged Shorts,
200 GP,
Sharp Knife,
310 EXP
Newbie Quests Tulimshar
1 No None Various items, 10 Boss Points,
1,100 EXP,
2,000 GP
Cherry Cake,
Roasted Maggot,
3 Treasure Keys,
5 Scorpion Stingers,
8 Maggot Slimes,
10 Angry Scorpion Stingers,
10 Bug Legs,
10 Cactus Drinks
Ayasha's Hide and Seek Candor Island 1 No None Cactus Drink,
Chocolate Bar,
150 EXP
Kylian the Businessman Tulimshar 1 No None 12 Acorns,
Desert Hat,
350 GP,
150 EXP
Anwar's field Tulimshar 1 No None Dark Green Cotton Trousers,
2,000 EXP
Various items
Imec's Petition Tulimshar 1 No None 500 GP None
Banu Hurnscald 1 No None 260 GP,
60 EXP
150 GP
Baktar's Tulimshar Items Nivalis 1 No None 6,220 GP,
2,630 EXP
Desert Hat,
Desert Shirt,
Serf Hat,
Mountain Snake Tongue,
Mountain Snake Egg,
Snake Skin,
Bug Leg
Well Quest Nivalis 1 No None EXP (111*Level) Maggot Slime or
Raw Log or
Pile of Ash or
Bottle of Water
Voltain's Dark Minds SouthEast
1 Yes None 3,210 GP,
3,380 EXP
Various items
Orum Quest Orum's Cave beneath Hurnscald 1 No None Candle Helmet 4 Wisp Powders,
2 Poltergeist Powders,
Spectre Powder,
Hard Spike,
10 Iron Powders,
10 Piles of Ash,
15 Gamboge Herbs,
15 Alizarin Herbs,
15 Cobalt Herbs
Monocle Quest on the two Ferrys or in the Casino located in Tulimshar 1 No None Monocle Casino Coins
Newbie Graduation Tulimshar 10 No None Graduation Cap None
Raging Skill first subquest:
Hunting Hungry Fluffies

(see also Skills)
Barbarian Village 15
No Focusing Skills Yeti Skin Shirt Several Red Apples,
Green Apples,
Cakes and/or Xmas Cakes
depending on your level and which of these you choose
Farmer's Scythe Hurnscald 15
No None Scythe 10 Pink Antennae
Forest Bow Quest Hurnscald 20
No None Forest Bow About 20 Raw Logs,
10,000 GP
Wooden Shield Quest Hurnscald 20
No Forest Bow Quest Wooden Shield,
2,500 EXP
40 Raw Logs,
5,000 GP

Level 21-50 Quests[edit]

At medium levels you can already start doing Quests which rewards will be useful even until level 99.

The Bandit Quest, Cat Ears Quest and the Short Sword Quest (required for the high level Setzer Quest) are such.

Also at level 40 you can join the Candor Battle. Even if you most likely can't survive until the end yet it's worth the tons of EXP you get there.

Quest Starting Location Level Redoable Prerequisites Reward Costs
Agostine the Tailor Nivalis 25
No None Fur Boots,
Winter Gloves,
500 GP
1 Iron Potion,
1 Boots,
about 60 White Furs,
30,000 GP
Lora Tay The Legendary Seamstress Dimond's Cove 25
No Agostine the Tailor 50,000 EXP,
Lora Tay will now craft or adjust some clothes.
Bottle of Water
Cat Ears Quest Katze's Cave in southwest Woodland 30
No None Cat Ears,
5,000 EXP
Chicken Leg or Steak,
2 Hard Spikes,
2 Maggot Slimes,
Raw Log,
2 Snake Skins,
2 Snake Tongues,
2 Tiny Healing Potions,
3 White Furs
Letter Quest Graveyard 30
Yes None 1,000 GP & 2,000 EXP the first time,
42 GP & 500 EXP every time afterwards
Rauk The Alchemist's
Dark Green Dye subquest
Hurnscald 30 No None 20,000 EXP About 20 Maggot Slimes
Fertile Soil Hurnscald 30 Yes None Multiple herbs from plants Bottle of Water,
4 Grass Seeds
Bandit Quest Hurnscald 30 No None Fairy Hat,
Forest Armor,
20 Boss Points
10 Bandit Hoods
Robberies In Hurnscald Hurnscald 30 No None Noh Mask,
4,000 EXP
Dark Blue Cotton Body-Worn Clothes,
Dark Blue Cotton Leg-Worn Clothes
(those won't get consumed, but there are costs if you need to get them first)
Short Sword Quest NorthEast Woodland caves 35
No None Short Sword 10 Treasure Keys
Focusing Skills
(see also Skills)
Tulimshar 35 No None Focusing Skills,
10,000 EXP
Brawling Skill
(see also Skills)
Tulimshar 35 No Focusing Skills Brawling Skill,
2,000 EXP
Resist Poison Skill
(see also Skills)
Hurnscald 35 No Focusing Skills Resist Poison Skill,
11,000 EXP
Per 3 attempts: 5 Snake Tongues,
10 Black Scorpion Stingers,
10 Acorns,
5 Green Apples,
5 Red Apples,
5 Oranges,
3 Small Healing Potions
Astral Soul Skill
(see also Skills and Magic Quests)
at the Old Wizard's
or at Auldsbel's
35 No Focusing Skills Astral Soul Skill,
2,500 EXP
100 Acorns and 1 Pearl (Old Wizard) or
11,300 GP (Auldsbel)
Orum and Waric follow-up quest North Woodland Mountain caves 40
No Orum Quest Everyone:
Rose Hat,
100,000 GP,
100,000 EXP
Only on dark magic path:
Dark Magic Skill,
150,000 EXP
Various items
Nicholas the Blacksmith's
Steel Shield subquest
Hurnscald 40
Yes, but EXP reward is only given once 6 Iron Ingots and 12 Coals
in your inventory
Steel Shield,
20,000 EXP (once)
2 Infantry Helmets,
6 Iron Ingots,
12 Coals,
Leather Patch,
20,000 GP
Raging Skill second subquest:
Hunting Wolverns

(see also Skills)
Barbarian Village 40 No Focusing Skills,
Raging Skill first subquest:
Hunting Hungry Fluffies
Raging Skill,
5,000 EXP
Candor Battle Candor 40 Yes None 100 Boss Points Optional 20,000 GP for hosting
and 3,000 GP for (an) announcement(s)
Bone Knife Quest Hurnscald 40 No None Bone Knife
50,000 EXP
10 Black Scorpion Stingers,
10 Small Mushrooms
Celestia's Groceries Hurnscald 40 No None Beret
20,000 EXP
10,000 GP
100 Chocolate Bar
50 Ginger Bread Man
The Lost Hitchhiker Tulimshar 42
(+6 weeks old)
No None Hitchhiker's Towel 5 Iron Ingots,
21 Pink Antennae
Hetchel The Silk Weaver Tulimshar 45 No Lora Tay The Legendary Seamstress,
Agostine The Tailor,
Bandit Quest
Silk Pants,
45,000 XP,
8000-20000GP(given randomly),
10000 job exp
1 Red Cotton Cloth,
154 Silk Cocoons,
14 Cotton Cloths,
2 Silk Headbands
Bone Quest Hurnscald 50
No Letter Quest 5,000 GP & 50,000 EXP 50 Bones
Diseased Heart Quest Hurnscald 50
Yes Bone Quest 6,000 GP,
40,000 EXP
10 Diseased Hearts
Mallard's Eye Skill
(see also Skills)
West Woodland 50 No Focusing Skills,
Forest Bow Quest
Mallard's Eye Skill,
20,000 EXP
18 Cave Snake Eggs,
15 Snake Eggs,
5 Mountain Snake Eggs,
2 Grass Snake Eggs,
25,000 GP
Mana Pearl Quest Hurnscald 50 No General Magic Skill level 2 + 450% Magic Experience Mana Pearl,
50,000 EXP
1 Pearl

Level 51-99 Quests[edit]

There isn't much to say about the High Level Quests. Of course they are the hardest and most rewarding Quests in The Mana World.

Get the equipment to perfect your character in the Setzer Quest and The Illia Sisters, get rewards that are hard to achieve in The Terranite Armor and Milly's Hero or fight bosses in the Rossy Quest and Angela's Daughter - the High Level Quests offer many different and interesting tasks.

Don't forget that TMW is about multiplayer - several Quests require gathering a team and fight with other players. There are a lot of helpful people, feel free to ask them for help and you will sure get some.

Quest Starting Location Level Redoable Prerequisites Reward Costs
Pachua the Hermit Indian Desert Mountains 55
Yes None, but for the Leather Patch you first need to ask Nicholas the Blacksmith about the Steel Shield with at least 6 Iron Ingots and 12 Coals in your inventory Jeans Chaps,
Cowboy Hat,
Leather Patch
It depends, as this is more a shop than an actual quest
Demon Mask Northeast Woodland caves 60
No None Demon Mask Various items
Milly's Hero Hurnscald 60
No Bone Knife Quest,
Setzer Quest,
Rossy Quest,
Angela's Daughter,
5,000 Boss Points
Beanie Copter Hat None
(the 5,000 Boss Points won't get consumed, they are just a requirement)
Crypt First Boss Quest (General Krukan)
Crypt 60
Yes, Forever. None 25 Boss Points,
25 Daily Points
1 Soul
5 Skulls
5 Dark Crystals
5 Bones
Speed Skill
(see also Skills)
Desert Mountains 60 No Focusing Skills Speed Skill,
2,500 EXP
10 Snake Tongues,
5 Concentration Potions
Luca's Rewards Tulimshar 60 No Focusing Skills, Brawling Skill, Speed Skill, Resist Poison Skill, Astral Soul Skill, Mallard's Eye Skill, Raging Skill Assassin Gloves + 60,000 EXP
Assassin Boots + 70,000 EXP
Assassin Pants + 80,000 EXP
Assassin Mask + 90,000 EXP
Rossy Quest Hurnscald 60
No None Black Boots,
140 Boss Points,
7,500 GP,
20,500 EXP
10 Cherries,
24 Cactus Drinks,
32 Maggot Slimes,
50 Gamboge Herbs,
43 Alizarin Herbs,
30 Bug Legs,
15 Red Roses,
15 Red Tulips,
10 Roots
Blue Sage Quest Blue Sage's Library in Nivalis 60 No None Silk Gloves,
Ice Gladius,
over 347,000 EXP (random)
3 Poltergeist Powders,
3 Spectre Powders,
3 Wisp Powders,
4 Iron Powders,
5 Bottles of Water,
8 Yeti Claws,
20 Reed Bundles,
31-60 Book Pages,
80 Silk Cocoons
Setzer Quest Hurnscald 60 No Bone Knife Quest Setzer,
280,000 EXP
Various items,
50,000 GP
Inya (Simple Rings) Tulimshar 60 Yes None Simple Ring and/or
Gemstone Ring if Gemstone crafted in
For the Simple Ring:
100,000 GP
For adding a Gemstone:
100,000 GP + Gemstone of your choice
For removing a Gemstone:
50,000 GP (Note: You will not get your gemstone back, as it is destroyed in the removal process)
Agostine's Dream Dress Nivalis 60 No Agostine The Tailor,
Lora Tay
Fine Dress 180 Silk Cocoons,
20 Cotton Cloths,
20,000 GP
Beheader Quest Moggun Cave
60 No None Beheader
750,000 EXP
Terranite Helmet
Crypt Second Boss Quest (General Razha)
Crypt 65 (recommended) Yes None 50 Boss Points,
50 Daily Points
3 Souls
5 Diseased Hearts
1 Undead Eyes
2 Undead Ears
Crypt Third Boss Quest (General Terogan)
Crypt 65 (recommended) Yes None 75 Boss Points,
75 Daily Points
5 Souls
5 Rotten Rags
3 Undead Eyes
2 Undead Ears
Raging Skill third subquest:
Hunting a Yeti

(see also Skills)
Barbarian Village 70 No Focusing Skills,
Raging Skill second subquest:
Hunting Wolverns
Leather Trousers,
40 Boss Points
Antler Hat Quest Barbarian Village in Nivalis 70 No Focusing Skills,
All three Raging Skill Quests
Antler Hat (?) x Antlers,
5 000 000gp
Angela's Daughter
also known as Cindy Quest
Nivalis 70 No, but yes for joining the fight None First time completion:
Rock Knife,
70 Boss Points and either
Wooden Staff (1 chance over 3) or
colored Wizard Hat (2 chances over 3),
Each time after surviving the fight:
50% of Daily Points bonus
Concentration Potion (once),
10 Treasure Keys (per attempt)
Protect the Children Hurnscald 70 No Celestia's Groceries Heart Necklace or 150,000 GP (kill 200 Yetis)
The Terranite Armor Tulimshar 70 No None Terranite Helmet,
Terranite Leg Armor,
Terranite Chest Armor
600 Coals,
80 Terranite Ores,
110,000 GP
Terranite Head Quest Moggun Cave
70 if you don't have the Terranite Helmet but you could also get it from somewhere else and make it on level 1. No The Terranite Armor-->Terranite Helmet Terranite Head
100,000 EXP
Terranite Helmet
Heathin's Terranite Arrows Tulimshar 80 Yes The Terranite Armor 1,000 Terranite Arrows 5 Coals,
Terranite Ore,
3,000 GP
Feeding the Wolf Reid's (Graveyard) Inn 80 No, but yes for playing Blackjack None 40,000 EXP,
3,000 GP for each win in Blackjack
30 Animal Bones,
1,000 GP for each round of Blackjack
Ashley Quest Old Tulimshar Beach 85 (recommended) Yes None 1 Sand Cutter 1 Mylarin Dust
Alacrius' Riddle Crypt 85
No 300 Boss Points Knowledge to enter Keshlam Swamp None
(the 300 Boss Points won't get consumed, they are just a requirement)
Swamp Chest Keshlam Swamp 85
Once Alacrius' Riddle
The first open:
Flawed Lens,
30,000,000 EXP
The second open:
One of these items: Enchanters's Amulet (1 out of 4 chance)
Magic Ring (3 out of 4 chance)
15,000,000 EXP
2000 Treasure Keys
To enter Keshlam Swamp:
5 Souls
5 Rotten Rags
3 Undead Eyes
2 Undead Ears
Cashiers' Shade Tulimshar Bank 85 No Must have 10,000,000 GP in Inventory Cashiers' Shade None required
Headless Man's Helmet Reid's (Graveyard) Inn 85 No None Pinkie Helmet,
50,000 EXP
50 Wisp Powders,
50 Poltergeist Powders,
50 Spectre Powders,
50 Iron Potions,
30 Concentration Potions,
50 Red Dyess,
50 Yellow Dyess,
50 Light Blue Dyess,
Infantry Helmet
Love Triangle Quest Reid's (Graveyard) Inn 85 No None Simple Ring,
Sorcerer Robe (Red),
Bowler Hat (Brown),
Mylarin Dust,
475,000 EXP (+100 EXP per spare Dark Crystal + 2,000 EXP per Jack O Soul)
Various items
The Illia Sisters South Hurnscald 90 Yes None 1 or 2 of these items:
Banshee Bow,
Bull Helmet,
Lazurite Robe,
Heart of Isis, Assassin Shirt,
100,000 GP,
200,000 EXP
Or various items if you already received two of the above.
Amethyst Powder,
3 Sapphire Powders,
Frozen Yeti Tear,
13 Iron Powders,
4 Iced Waters
Tree of Knowledge Keshlam Swamp 95
Yes Alacrius' Riddle
1,000,000 EXP Flawed Lens
To enter Keshlam Swamp:
5 Souls
5 Rotten Rags
3 Undead Eyes
2 Undead Ears
(the Flawed Lens won't get consumed, it is just a requirement)