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Quest Overview
Starting Location 010-2 Dimond's Cove
Level 15
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. Head to Dimond's Cove. To get there, head South of Hurnscald. Head West at the end, at the T intersection, then follow the road all the way past the bends, until you come across a large building on the left. Go up to the second floor to find Doug (on the left).
  2. Talk to Doug, who tells you that he needs 5 Cave Snake Lamps to light up the rooms at the inn.
  3. Go and gather the Cave Snake Lamps.
  4. Return to Doug and give him the Cave Snake Lamps for your reward.


  • Cave Snakes have a low probability (0.4%) of dropping Jeans Shorts (+4 Defense).
  • One place that you can find Cave Snakes by heading out of Dimond's Cove, and heading North, the same way you came. Instead of turning at all of the bends, follow it straight up north, up the track. It leads to a small area, where you will see a cave on the right. Enter the closest cave (this is one of the bat caves). When in the cave, head north, and go through the passageway.

Snake Lamps are dropped by:


  • 1500 EXP
  • 1000 GP

Total Cost: