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This page is about the in-game "Elanore" npc. For the IRC bot, see IRC/Elanore.

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Elanore is a proficient healer located in Tulimshar. At the beginning of the game, she will restore your health points until you reach Level 20. There is no cost.


Land: Tonori

Locality: Tulimshar

Map Name:

Map Number: 002-1

Coordinates: 75 62

To find Elanore, leaving from the Tulimshar ferry, head South. Do not depart from the path, until you leave the city gates. As soon as you have reached the other side of the city gates, head East. Elanore is located there, just behind the wall.


Elanore will heal you for free if you are a new player, at level 20 or under. Also she can teach you Life Magic, of which she's a specialist, once you have established your abilities according to the method outlined in the page. She will also in time teach how to create Lifestones with #manpahil and how to use them with the #lum spell to heal yourself and other players.

Finally, once you reach Level 2 in Life Magic Skill, she will teach you the most powerful healing spell used in the game, which is #inma.

Spells taught by Elanore:

For further details on these spells, you should visit the Magic Quests and the Spells pages.

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