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Quest Overview
Starting Location 008-1 Hurnscald
Level 15 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. From the central part of town, head North from the Undead Tree and the Soul Menhir and follow it into the next screen. Turn right at the first dirt track on the right. You will find Hinnak there.
  2. Talk to Hinnak, to find out that the Pinkies are eating his crops. He wants you to get rid of some Pinkies and promises you a reward, a Scythe.
  3. Go and collect 10 Pink Antennae.
  4. Bring him the 10 Pink Antennae as proof of your kills and the reward will be yours.


  • If you want to know if you will be able to kill the Pinkies, consider that they have more HP than Fire Goblins, but deal less damage.

Pink Antennae are dropped by:


  • 1 Scythe (+100 Damage)

Total Cost: