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Quest Overview
Starting Location 018-2 North of Hurnscald
Level 35
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Grimace of Dementia

Item ID: 4029

A feared potion. If done wrong... what did you say?
CategoryGeneric Item
Buy Price20 GP
Sell Price10 GP
Weight10 g


  • This potion is used to unfocus a Skill. Bring it to Luca and ask him to unfocus. You will then be able to focus on the same or on another Skill.
  • To be able to make a potion you must first ask Luca to unfocus when you are not carrying a Grimace of Dementia in your inventory.

What To Do:

  1. Go to the north of Hurnscald and enter the mining camp. Inside, you will see Caul The Alchemist.
  2. Ask him about the Grimace of Dementia. He will teach you how to make it.
  3. You will learn that it is a balanced potion between Life and Death. Thus the need of Roots, Mauve Herbs and Lifestones for the Life side and Diseased Hearts, Bones, Skulls and Undead Ears for the Death side.
  4. You will also need a Bone, a Bottle of Water and a Lifestone in that order to start the potion and 1 Pearl to end it.


  1. First, Caul will take you your 3 items and will start the potion making. He will then tell you the color of the potion.
  2. This potion needs to be midway between Life and Death. The color indicates the state of the potion, calm grey is the needed color because it is the perfect balance.
  3. To get to this color, you will need to add some items in the potion.
    1. On the one hand, if the color is bright, you will need to put dark, evil items such as Bones, Skulls, etc... listed below.
    2. On the other hand, if the color is dark, you will need to lighten it with good items such as Roots, etc... listed below.
  4. Every item added can make the potion explode. The closer the potion comes to calm grey, the more unlikely that this will happen. Even if you put the Pearl in on calm grey to finalize it it can happen.

This table shows the strength of each item. When it has a "+" in front of it, this means it adds Life, if it is a "-", it adds Death. You will need to get to 0 to get to the calm grey color. When you'll get there, put the Pearl in and you'll be done!

Item used Power
Root +9
Lifestone +3
Mauve Herb +1
Bone -3
Skull -9
Undead Ear -15
Diseased Heart -35


  • You can put in the Pearl at any time. The closer you are to calm grey, the lower is the probability that the potion will explode.
  • Lifestones are cheaper and easier to get than undead things. A simple trick is to start the potion, and if it starts black, add Lifestones until it turns calm grey then add a Pearl. If it starts white, just cancel and try again. You won't need to use any Pearl in that case.


  • 1 Grimace of Dementia

Total Cost:

You will need at least these 3 items to start the potion.

You will need this item to end the potion when it will be calm grey.

Each of these following items are used in a random amount.

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