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Quest Overview
Starting Location 027-2 Graveyard Inn
Level 85
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. From Hurnscald, head to Asphodel Moor. You will see Thurstan near the Soul Menhir there.
  2. Talk to Thurstan and he'll tell you that he needs several items in great quantity to make him have his head back on his neck (...the duck tape is only a temporary fix it appears).
  3. Go and get all the items listed below and give them to him.
  4. While talking to him after you gave all the items he asked, you'll receive 50,000 EXP.
  5. Talk to him one more time to get your Pinkie Helmet.


  • This helmet is quite hard to get so don't sell it unless you got a very good reason.
  • Most of the items necessary in this quest can be obtained by using Aidan And Ishi's Monster Points or can be bought in shops.

Total Cost: