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Quest Overview
Starting Location 001-2 Tulimshar
Level 80
Prerequisites The Terranite Armor
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. Go to the Tulimshar northeastern forge near the port. To get there, travel South from the Ferry, and head East at the first path to the Bazaar. Enter the building there. This is where you can find the standard Arrows for 1GP.
  2. Once you have completed collecting The Terranite Armor, you can forge these powerful arrows for 5 Coals, 1 Terranite Ore and 3,000 GP by talking to Heathin.
  3. Give Heathin these items, close the conversation and talk to him once more. You will get your reward: 1,000 Terranite Arrows (+50 Damage, +20 Critical).


  • These are the best arrows in game right now.
  • These arrows aren't very expensive, so use them!

Coals are dropped by:

Terranite Ores are dropped by:


Total Cost: