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Hinnak is a farmer living in the North outskirts of Hurnscald. He is annoyed by the Pinkies. He hates them because they jump in his fields destroying all his harvest. However Hinnak is too slow to catch them. He would appreciate it if you could assist in keeping down the pinkie population. He will need only 10 Pink Antennae as proof you've killed 10 Pinkies or more.

Apart from his strong aversion to Pinkies, Hinnak can have his more lucid moments, and teach you a very useful spell. You will need to offer him a drink (he is partial to Beer) and then ask him what was the weird word he heard after his little story, he'll then give you the spell.


Land: Argaes

Locality: Hurnscald

Map Name: Hurnscald Outskirts

Map Number: 008-1

Coordinates: 101 30

How to get there

  1. From the Soul Menhir in Hurnscald, head North.
  2. As soon as you have made it into the next portal out of town, head East at the first track you come to, in between the two recently plowed fields.
  3. Head North at the intersection of the path, and you will see Hinnak standing in the field out the front of his barn, Scythe in hand.


Other info

Spell taught by Hinnak:

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You can find the script here.