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Quest Overview
Starting Location 010-2 Dimond's Cove
Level 25 recommended
Prerequisites Agostine the Tailor
Redoable No, only once

Background Story

Lora Tay is an outstanding seamstress. Her reputation has spread outside Argaes up to the whole Mana world. As many other creative persons, she has a strong personality and isn't easy to get on with as you can see when you come and see her at first. She has a very strict conception of tailoring so she had issues with other clothe-makers, such as Agostine the Tailor. However, she is not short minded and is able to recognize quality work when she sees it.


What To Do

  1. Agostine the Tailor quest is pre-requisite, so complete it first.
  2. With a Bottle of Water, Winter Gloves and Fur Boots in your inventory (equipped or not doesn't matter), head to Dimond's Cove. To get there, head South of Hurnscald. Head West at the end, at the T intersection, then follow the road all the way past the bends, until you come across a large building on the left. Go up to the top floor, the second floor, to find Lora Tay (on the right).
  3. Ask her "Can you make fur boots, like Agostine?" and then tell her "Actually, he also made me gloves...".
  4. Stop her cough by giving her a Bottle of Water: "Here, have a bottle of water...".



  • 50,000 EXP
  • Lora Tay will now craft or adjust some clothes, see below.

Total Cost

Clothes Sewing

New Clothes Resources Cost
Short Tank Top (+2 Defense) 5 Cotton Cloths 1,000 GP
Tank Top (+2 Defense) 6 Cotton Cloths 1,000 GP
Silk Robe (+5 Defense) 150 Silk Cocoons or 6 Silk Sheets 10,000 GP
Desert Hat (+3 Defense) Cotton Headband
3 Cotton Cloths
300 GP
Cropped Clothes Resources Cost
Short Tank Top (+2 Defense) 1 Tank Top (+2 Defense) 100 GP
Tank Top (+2 Defense) 1 Cotton Shirt (+2 Defense) 100 GP
Mini Skirt (+4 Defense) 1 Skirt (+4 Defense) 100 GP
Cotton Shorts (+4 Defense) 1 Cotton Trousers (+4 Defense) 100 GP
Lengthened Clothes Resources Cost
Cotton Shirt (+2 Defense) 1 Cotton Cloth
1 Tank Top (+2 Defense)
500 GP
Tank Top (+2 Defense) 1 Cotton Cloth
1 Short Tank Top (+2 Defense)
500 GP
Skirt (+4 Defense) 1 Cotton Cloth
1 Mini Skirt (+4 Defense)
500 GP
Cotton Trousers (+4 Defense) 1 Cotton Cloth
1 Cotton Shorts (+4 Defense)
500 GP
Robe enhancing Resources Cost
Sorcerer Robe (Color) 1 Sorcerer Robe (Color)
2 Colored Cotton Cloths
25,000 GP

If you have completed the above quest, Lora will be able to craft new clothes or adjust the size of them. Note that cropping and lengthening works on both undyed and dyed clothes, but she only crafts undyed clothes. When you have a Sorcerer Robe, Lora will also propose to enhance it with a line of a different color.

What To Do:

  1. Talk to Lora Tay and ask her to make you something such as a Silk Robe.
  2. Bring her what she asks for to make the equipment.

Cotton Cloths dropped By:

Silk Cocoons are dropped by:

Colored Cotton Cloths are available from

Silk Sheets are available from