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ManaMarket is a Classic:Friendly Bot written by Jero and PjotrOrial, inspired by the deceased Classic:Tradebot written by Turmfalke. He is located in the General Store in Classic:Hurnscald. He allows players to add items for sale, which are then available for purchase. Items are listed for 1 week and can be extended for up to 3 weeks (please see the !relist command). He allows players to send mails and check lastseens of other players as well. All commands are available through whispers and Manaplus right click and buy is supported for purchasing listed items.


You must whisper ManaMarket in order to issue a command.

 /w ManaMarket <command>

Public commands

  • !list
This will return a list of all items currently on sale.
  • !find <name> or <Item id>
This will return a list of items with the specified Item Id or the name. For example /w ManaMarket !find ore
  • !buy <amount> <uid>
This will allow you to buy an item from the list. For example: To purchase an item shown in the list as:
[selling] [6] 5 [Iron Ore] for 1000gp each 
you would type '/w ManaMarket !buy 1 6'. This would buy one of item 6 (Iron Ore).
  • !lastseen <name>
This will tell you when did ManaMarket last saw someone online.
  • !mail <nick> <message>
This will send a message to someone through ManaMarket.
  • !irc <on> or <off>
This allows joining/parting #themanaworld through a relay.

Seller commands

The following commands are only available to players with seller access (access level 5 or above).

  • !add <amount> <price> <item name>
This command is used to add items for sale. For example: If you want to sell 10 Iron Ore, for 5000GP each, you would type "/w ManaMarket !add 10 5000 Iron Ore". After a correct command the Bot will initiate a Trade. Accept and add your items.
  • !info
You can check your current access level, the number of slots you have free, the money you have earned and a list of your items currently for sale.
  • !relist <uid>
An item is shown in the list for a week before it needs to be re-listed. This command is used to re-list an item. An item can re-listed for a maximum of 3 weeks before it must be collected using the !getback command. This is to prevent unsold items from remaining in the list.
  • !getback <uid>
This will return an unsold item from the list. For example to return an item shown by !info or !list as:
[selling] [6] 5 [Iron Ore] for 1000gp each 
you would type '/w ManaMarket !getback 6', this will return all of item 6.
  • !money
This will trade you back any money earned from the sale of your items.
  • !help <command> or !help
This will show a list of commands or provide further information about a given command.

!mail <name> message

Allows you to send a message to name they will receive when they are online.

Admin commands

The follow commands require access lever 10 or higher.

  • !listusers
Lists all users which have a special accesslevel, e.g. they are blocked, seller or admin
  • !adduser <access level> <slots> <name>
Add a user to the bot, a seller should be added with access level 5.
  • !setslots <slots> <name>
Sets the number of slots available to a given user.
  • !setaccess <access level> <name>
Sets access level for the player: -1 is blocked, 5 is seller and 20 is admin.
  • !identify <uid>
Returns name of uid owner.
  • !removeuser <name>
Remove a user.
  • !tradestate
Tests the trade state of ManaMarket.

Access Level

The Access Level decides what commands you are able to use:

  • Level -1
A user who has been blocked for exploiting/spamming ManaMarket.
Available Commands: None
  • Level 0
You are able to buy items.
Available Commands: !list !buy !find !help
  • Level 5
You are able to sell items.
Commands Given: !add !relist !info !money !getback
  • Level 10
You are able to sell items and add users.
Commands Given: !adduser !listusers
  • Level 20
You have access to administrative commands.
Available Commands: All

Sales Report

You can view a report of recent sales to get an idea of current values of items.

You can also view a historical record of items sold.

These reports are updated each hour.

Requesting to Sell

To request a seller account, please read the forum post and reply with the exact name of your character.

Only one account per player will be accepted (no alts). If the bot logs show attempts to scam or exploit it, your account or access may be revoked.

Source Code

You can find the source code here ManaMarket on Github