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Przegląd Quest'a
Miejsce 042-2 Kuzey Tulimshar
Poziom 1
Wymagania Brak
Powtarzalny Nie, tylko raz
Nagroda Brak
Koszt Brak


  • You are starting the game, welcome to The Mana World. First of all, when you try to move, Sorfina talks to you. You learn the 6 important rules of the games which are pretty simple to follow:
    • 1. Do not abuse other players (insults, swearing, and the like directed to a particular person or persons).
    • 2. No bots (and botting means any activity while away from keyboard) at all.
    • 3. No spamming / flooding (including trade spam).
    • 4. No begging.
    • 5. Speak english on public chat.
    • 6. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.
  • You are waking up after your boat collapsed. You are in Tulimshar. As you can see, your inventory is empty, everything has been stolen while you were passed out.
  • After the information Sorfina gives you, try to walk up to the red carpet. While walking on it, Sorfina tells you to open the chest in the room and take the Cotton Shirt in it. You now need to equip it.
  • Talk to Sorfina after you've equipped the Cotton Shirt. She then gives you some information about where you are, etc. Exit the house and take a look a around.


  • After having explored the area a bit, you'll enter a house where Tanisha is. Talk to her.
  • Tanisha gives you a knife and tells you to kill the maggots as training. Kill the 5 maggots. You will of course get some EXP (5 * 6 EXP) which are used to level up. Try increasing your strengh, vitality and dexterity at first. The intelligence will be used later, when you know a bit of magic.
  • Now that you are done, talk to Tanisha. She will tell you about few things such as status points, since you just leveled up.

Początek Przygody

  • As you go east of Tanisha's house, you try to go pass Hasan, but he unfortunately stops you. Don't try to kill him, as you will probably die by doing this.
  • Talk to Kaan, and tell her about the maggots you've just killed. Also tell her that Hasan isn't letting you pass.
  • You now need to know what is Hasan's weakness. Come back to Tanisha and tell her everything about Hasan. She will tell you that he is awfully scared of scorpions.
  • Tell Kaan about the scorpions, and you will plot against Hasan. Talk to him and scratch your head as a signal. Kill the scorpion that has just appeared!
  • Talk to Hasan and he will give you a Sharp Knife for what you did. He proposes you to go to Tulimshar's bazar, you can accept.
  • You are now done with the Tutorial and you are free to explore The Mana World! Congratulations!


  • 30 EXP
  • 1 Cotton Shirt
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Sharp Knife