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This page contains a list of webpages that are managed by the TMW Team or TMW Team-members.

Official TMW External Webpages[edit]

Contact: tux9th, Cassy, Wushin, Jesusalva

Contact: WildX (?)

Contact: Gumi, Jesusalva

Current Patreon:
Contact: Povo

Old Patreon:
Contact: WildX, Gumi

Contact: TMW Team, WildX, chartax

Contact: Freeyorp, jak1, Jesusalva

New Steam:
Contact: Jesusalva, jak1

TMWT Approved External Webpages[edit]

Contact: Chicka Maria

Development TMW External Webpages[edit]

Contact: Jesusalva, Jak1

Contact: Gumi, Freeyorp, Reid, Jesusalva

Contact: Freeyorp, Gumi, wushin

Contact: Jesusalva

Unused External Webpages[edit]

Trello (Abandoned)
Contact: Wushin

Sourceforge: (Official)
Contact: wushin, bjorn

OpenHub: (Official)
Contact: wushin, bjorn

Imgur: (TMWT Approved)
Contact: Wombat

Facebook: (Evol Online)
Contact: Reid

IndieDB: (Evol Online)
Contact: Reid

DevianArt: (Evol Online)
Contact: Reid

OpenHub: (Evol Online)
Contact: Reid

OpenGameArt: (Evol Online)
Contact: Reid

Old Steam:
Contact: wushin, 4144

Adding content[edit]

To have content added to these sites, please private message an appropriate contact provided. Additional webpages may be created by a developer, game master or contributor that has TMWT permission. You may request permission by private messaging TMWT or creating a topic in the web development forum.


  • An official TMW Webpage is either owned by SPI Inc. or by the root user of the domain. This means every server admin can act as backup contact if needed.
  • A TMWT approved page is a page which is hold and controlled by a TMWT member. But it is not attributed to SPI or the root user of the domain, so you can only contact the specified contacts.
  • An Evol Online page is something I've picked up at This topic and has not been merged yet.


A few contact information might be outdated. As usual, people wanting to take care of our social medias are always welcome. Please contact WildX.