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The continent of Ancea was the first to harbour sentient life. The first sentient creatures to set foot on its shores were the Tritans, however they only used the continent to supplement their diet with plants and animal life and never built any permanent settlements, as they preferred to dwell in the ocean. The first settlements were built by the Humans, followed by the Ukar. Humans successfully settled most of the continent, from the hot dry climate of Tonori to the cold frozen landscapes of Kaizei.

Land of Fire

These large islands on the North-West of the Kaizei region are sometimes considered as separate from the rest of Ancea due to their peculiar geologic composition. However, they are in fact part of the main continent. The region is composed of two large volcanic islands. The largest island is the Isle of Pihre and it is home to Ar'kibh, the largest active volcano on Gasaron. The island is also home to the town of Thermin, the only permanent settlement of the Kralogs.

Most Kralog settlements are nomadic and migrate across the barren landscape of the Pihrean Tundra using steam-powered caravans. Some of these moving villages prefer to settle away from the more volcanically active areas and embrace the colder temperatures that they find there; others brave the fire and reinforce underground caves to exist near the heat without being destroyed by it. In either case, when the land grows too dangerous the tribes will move to safer designated camps. The only exception is the town of Thermin, which is in part built into a volcano known as the Mother Fire and in part built above ground in the surrounding Pihrean Tundra. Here, Frost and Fire Kralog tribes live together and form the cultural and political centre of the Land of Fire.


The region of Kaizei is the largest region of Ancea. The Northern Tundra comprises most of Kaizei's northern half. Here, temperatures are never above the freezing point and very few living things can be found. This icy land is known for mysterious dangers including rumours of spirits of those who died there haunting the wastes in search for the warmth of living creatures.

Southern Kaizei is a cold but habitable land with defined seasons but overall low temperatures. Snow can be found in its thick forests throughout the year at varying amounts and many animals adapted to the cold make these forests their home. The City of Nivalis, built around rare geysers and hot springs, is the only permanent settlement in Kaizei. A wealthy trading port, Nivalis made its fortune trading timber, pelts and platinum to the rest of Ancea.

Tempus Mountains

Located at the southernmost point of Kaizei, the Tempus Mountains are the largest mountain chain in all of Gasaron. These mountains are said to be so tall and imposing upon the landscape that, on a clear day, their peaks can be seen on the horizon from the far island of Candor. The mountains are known for their abdundance of precious metals and gems and have contributed to much of the wealth that has developed all over Ancea. Deep mines exist on both sides of the mountain chain, with mining operations from both Nivalis and Hurnscald.

The heart of the Tempus Mountains is home to the elusive Ukar civilisation, mainly constructed deep underground through vast tunnel systems. Somewhere within the tallest mountains of this area is the hidden City of Mangarron.


Argaes is the oldest inhabited region on all of Gasaron. The first primordial Tritans who settled here would eventually become Humans. The ancient City of Keshlam is thought to have been built on the same land as the first village where the first Humans began to take shape and develop their own identity.

Argaes is a rich land with lively woodlands, vast grasslands and marshes teeming with all manners of creatures. While the landscape can be difficult to tame, most of its inhabitants have learned to live in harmony with this temperate and hospitable land. Most settlements are concentrated in specific areas such as the City of Hurnscald, the self-proclaimed capital city of Argaes. While not a very large city, Hurnscald attracts most of its population seasonally and is the main trade hub of Argaes and an important crossroads for trade throughout Ancea.


The region of Tonori also known as the Tonori Desert is almost entirely composed of the omonimous Great Tonori Desert. This is said to have once been a vast jungle so dense that no one had ever made it far inside. At some point in the early life of Gasaron the rains that sustained the jungle moved away and never returned as far south, leaving Tonori to dry out with its once lush jungle turning slowly to sand.

The coasts of Tonori are generally more hospitable. The City of Tulimshar is built on the inner coast, where the sea is calm and provides sustenance as well as passage in and out of the desert via ship. The southeastern tip of Tonori is home to the Crystalline Oasis, the largest oasis of the desert which serves as refuge for all travellers who make it that far across the sands.

Corsair Isle

East of Tulimshar in the Clear Sea is Corsair Isle. This rocky island was once a pirate cove but was eventually taken over by Corsairs, syndicates of seafaring adventurers and merchants that live lifestyles much like that of pirates, but are bound by a code of honour and are often paid to patrol the seas and protect others from pirates, bandits and other raiders.

Red Corsair is the only town on the island. It is built upon high cliffs and serves as the home of the Crew of Red Corsair, the largest and most well organised of any other groups of Corsairs. Red Corsair is an eclectic mix of cultures and is known as a chaotic if intriguing place that is most suited to the free-spirited adventurer.