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Tathin in 001-2 Tulimshar

Party Skill Level 1: Joining parties

From the start you have all the basic skills but if you need more details about talk to Tathin.
Since you leave the dock in Tulimshar go straight, there is a guard in the front of governement building. Enter and talk to Tathin. He will explain to you the Party Skill who can allow you to join parties if someone invites you to one.

Party Skill Level 2: Creating parties

It's the same to create the parties, go to Tathin again and ask him how to create a party.


Select the party tab. Then enter these commands:

  • /help: Displays the list of party commands.
  • /createparty [Name of the party you want to create] (without the "[]"; in any chat tab): Create your own party!
  • /invite: Invite a player to your party.
  • /leave: Leave the party you are in.
  • /kick: Kick someone from your party (reserved to party founder).
  • You enable the experience sharing by writing "/exp yes" or "/exp 1" or "/exp true".
  • You enable the items sharing by writing "/item yes" or "/item 1" or "/item true".
  • You can turn a party member into a party leader by doing "@setleader player_name".
  • The same command can be used to turn a party leader into a normal member.


  • Parties cannot share experience when members who are more than 10 levels apart are present simultaneously.
  • Maximum member number is 120.