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Level 2

Quest Overview
Starting Location 015-1 West Woodland & 009-3 Cave beneath Hurnscald
Level 30 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. Go in the Woodland area, west from Dimond's Cove (head over the bridge, directly NorthEast of the Cove). Travel South, along the river. You will see a sword in the middle of the river next to the Inn. You can only talk to that Magic Sword by being on the other side of the river, in the woodland area.
  2. Ask this Magic Sword to teach you magic. Tell her that you want to learn the destructive magic "To protect the ones you (I) love".
  3. You will learn your first war spell: #flar
  4. Go into the cave beneath Hurnscald. You will see at the southwest corner of the cave, the twin sister of the first Magic Sword. Tell her that her sister sent you. You'll then tell her that she sent you to make her learn you a spell.
  5. You will learn you second war spell: #chiza
  6. Go back to see the Magic Sword in the woods. Sacrifice 1,000 Monster Points to get 5,000 EXP and War Magic Skill Level 2.
  7. After that, continue talking to the two Magic Swords until they don't have anymore spells to teach you. You will need to sacrifice more monster points (another 20 000) to get new War Spells.


  • You must start by talking to the Magic Sword in the Woodland area, the other one won't answer you.
  • If one refuses to talk to you, then try with her sister.
  • Save your monster points. Currently it takes 21,000 Monster Points to learn all the spells the swords have to teach.


Total Cost: