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Quest Overview
Starting Location 001-1 Tulimshar
Level 35
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

Important Note:

  • This Skill cannot be increased, it will always stay at Level 1. This is the preamble you need to be able to learn and focus Skill. Changing the focus will require the use of a Grimace of Dementia

What To Do:

  1. From the center of Tulimshar, head east on the road by the main entrance then turn north at the first turn. You will see Luca.
  2. Talk to him and ask if he can teach you a Skill. He will first tell you how to focus. Before that he has several questions for you:
    1. "First, who is the man who guards the entrance to the old Tulimshar underground arena?" The answer is Phaet.
    2. "Good. Next, what's the name of the pipe-smoker who lives on top of Lore Mountain and makes leathery goods there?" The answer is Pachua.
    3. "Great! One more: Who was the adventurer who built Dimond's Cove for Dimond?" The answer is Merlin.
  3. He then talks and simulates a concentration exercise where you only need to read. You will then receive 10,000 EXP and the Focusing Skills.