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Level 1

Quest Overview
Starting Location 012-3 Mana Seed Cave
Level 10 or higher required
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. First of all, you must touch the Mana Seed. To find the Mana Seed, head West on the stone path from Hurnscald. At the first fork (at a farm with many trees), go North. Continue North until the path forks again. Take the West fork and follow the path to a set of caves, one higher and one lower. Enter the higher cave, and continue through until it exits. Continue East along the stones and into a second cave. The Mana Seed will be in the Northeast corner.

  2. After touching the Mana Seed, you need to talk to either Auldsbel, Rauk or Wyara.Wyara is the obvious choice as she requires the least amount of materials. Speak to the NPC about the Mana Potion via the "What do you know about..." inquiry.

  3. Collect the necessary materials for the Mana Potion:
    1. Wyara requires 40 Mauve Herbs and 1 Bottle of Water.
    2. Rauk requires 1 Pearl, 1 Bottle of Water, 30 Mauve Herbs, 20 Gamboge Herbs and 5 Piles of Ash.
    3. Auldsbel requires 1 Pearl, 10,000 GP, 20 Mauve Herbs and 10 Gamboge Herbs.

  4. Go back and see the Mana Seed. Use the Mana Potion and touch once again the Mana Seed. Thats it, you got the General Magic Skill Level 1!



  • General Magic Skill Level 1
  • 1,000 EXP

Total Cost:

  • Items to make a Mana Potion, depending on which NPC you choose.

Level 2

Quest Overview
Starting Location 012-3 Mana Seed Cave
Level 30 or higher required
Prerequisites General Magic Skill Level 1
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. After getting the level 1, you now must get the level 2 by training yourself. Leveling up requires that you gain experience in magic by practicing spells. Casting the same spell consecutively will result in no additional experience after the first cast. Also, Spells that give experience consume items. Cast the #abizit spell to know your magic experience progression.
  2. Once you gained enough experience, you should get at least this message when casting the #abizit spell: "You feel in perfect control of your magic."
  3. Go back and touch the Mana Seed once again. Thats it, you got the General Magic Skill Level 2!


  • General Magic Skill Level 2
  • 10,000 EXP

Total Cost:

  • Nothing. Note that you will still spend the items needed for your spell castings