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The Magic Swords stand forever separated, trusted in rock. There are six in total, but only two of them teach spells of the school of War, and give you the War Magic Skill (level 2). The Sister Sword stands in the middle of the river demarcating Dimond's Cove from the woods to the West. She is visible only if you come from the West Woodlands. The Brother Sword is in the river found within the cave underneath the Hurnscald's Inn. If one refuses to talk to you, do not lose heart, but rather try the other.

To get to the third sword you must go to Old Wizard`s house and follow the river that begins there. There is a cave where the river ends. There are some Cave Snakes. Go straight through the cave. (There is another exit in the East side of the cave that goes into another cave filled with Black Scorpions, and that has two exits. One to the mines, and another that goes out of the caves.) But when you go STRAIGHT through the cave, you get out of caves and there is the sword, too. (There you can also access the mines.) The fourth sword is in the room where you can read what you need to get the Demon Mask. The fifth sword is near the Ilia Inn (map 052-1). Note that it isn't an NPC. The sixth sword is near the safe spot (map 099-7). Note that it isn't an NPC.

The third sword says: [Sword in Pond] "Zzzzzz....."

and the fourth one says: [Sword in Rock] "Ouch... my head..."

Spells taught by the Magic Swords:

For further details on these spells, you should visit the Magic Quests and the Spells pages.


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