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Level 2

Quest Overview
Starting Location 012-3 Hurnscald Potion Shop
Level 30 recommended
Prerequisites General Magic Skill Level 1
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. Wyara is a humble witch living in the Potion Shop in Hurnscald. After having the General Magic Skill Level 1, you can ask Wyara about how to learn the Nature Magic Skill.
  2. She will ask you to bring her 20 Mauve Leaves and 20 Maggot Slimes to make a Purification Potion that she will then hand you.
  3. Your task is now to go and purify the pond next to Hurnscald using the potion. It is a very small pond with a rock in the middle. You need to stand in the center of the Pond and being there use the potion.
  4. Now go back to talk to Wyara. She will ask you to purify the pond once more. Repeat the same previous step.
  5. After you purified the pond once again, go back and talk to Wyara once more, you'll receive the Nature Magic Skill Level 2!


  • To purify the pond, use the potion while being at the center of the pond but don't drop it, this won't do anything.


Total Cost: