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Quest Overview
Starting Location 029-1 Candor Island
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. Aidan and Ishi are to your right as you exit the starting room.
  2. Talk to Aidan, and he will register you for monster points.
  3. Collect monster points automatically by killing monsters.
  4. Talk with Ishi whenever you want to exchange these points for random items.


  • The earlier you sign up, the more monster points you will be able to get. That means more items.
  • Not all monsters give monster points, such as plants.
  • The rewards will always be of the same type (see list below), regardless of the number of monster points you have saved up or which level your character has.
  • The number of monster points required is raised by one with each exchange.
  • Many of the items you get are useful in Quests or as Magic supplies, such as Spells, but some of the items have no use other than being sold for GP, or keeping for nostalgic reasons.
  • Monster points are also required for the War Magic quest, so remember to have 21,000 monster points with you when you plan to commence and complete that quest.

Points per Kill and Point Rewards

Monster Name Points
Maggot 1
House Maggot 1
Scorpion 2
Mana Bug ?
Tame Scorpion ?
Red Scorpion 20
Green Slime 40
Green Slime Mother ?
Angry Green Slime ?
Azul Slime ?
Candied Slime ?
Blue Slime ?
Giant Maggot 30
Yellow Slime 15
Red Slime 25
Slime Blast ?
Black Scorpion 45
Snake 50
Soul Snake ?
Fire Goblin 6
Spider 55
Evil Mushroom 35
Wicked Mushroom ?
Moonshroom ?
Pink Flower 35
Santa Slime 40
Rudolph Slime 15
Pollett ?
Wolvern ?
Bat 2
Pinkie 16
Bluepar ?
Spiky Mushroom 10
Fluffy 14
Hungry Fluffy ?
White Bell ?
Cave Snake 25
Jack O 200
Fire Skull 85
Poison Skull 85
Log Head 20
Mountain Snake 70
Easter Fluffy 15
Mouboo 40
Reinboo ?
Santaboo ?
Demonic Mouboo ?
Mauve Plant 0
Cobalt Plant 0
Gamboge Plant 0
Alizarin Plant 0
Sea Slime 20
Sea Slime Mother ?
Sea Slime ?
Copper Slime ?
Lava Slime ?
Grass Snake 75
Silkworm 0
Zombie 125
Clover Patch 0
Squirrel 5
Vicious Squirrel ?
Angry Fire Goblin 0
Wisp 80
Snail 15
Spectre 80
Skeleton 100
Lady Skeleton 100
Fallen 150
Poltergeist 80
Ball Lightning 20
Bee 15
Larvern 0
Crotcher Scorpion 0
Huntsman Spider ?
Hyvern 0
Troll 0
Undead Troll 0
Undead Witch 0
Witch Guard ?
Demonic Spirit ?
Butterfly 15
Cave Maggot 2
Angry Scorpion 10
Ice Goblin 6
Archant 20
Giant Cave Maggot 40
Moggun 35
Terranite 100
Pumpkin 10
Bandit 10
Bandit Lord 20
Sleeping Bandit ?
Vampire Bat 30
Reaper 20
Scythe 100
Ice Element 60
Ice Skull ?
Yeti 80
The Lost 100
Red Bone 0
Mana Ghost ?
Stalker 0
Drunken Skeleton 100
Tipsy Skeleton 100
Drunken Lady Skeleton 100
Blue Spark 60
Red Spark 60
Wight ?
Soul Eater ?
Serqet 0
Swashbuckler ?
Grenadier ?
Thug ?
Dread Pirate Marley ?
Dread Pirate Marley Clone ?
Psi Brain ?
Nutcracker ?
Fey Element ?
General Krukan ?
General Razha ?
Terogan ?
Luvia ?
Apple Cake
Bug Leg
Cactus Drink
Casino Coins
Cherry Cake
Chicken Leg
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Cake
Cotton Boots
Cotton Cloth
Cotton Shirt
Cotton Shorts
Fancy Hat
Green Apple
Hard Spike
Iron Ore
Light Blue Dye
Maggot Slime
Orange Cake
Orange Cupcake
Pink Petal
Pile of Ash
Pink Antenna
Poltergeist Powder
Raw Log
Red Apple
Red Dye
Scorpion Stinger
Serf Hat
Small Healing Potion
Small Mushroom
Snake Skin
Spectre Powder
Tiny Healing Potion
White Cake
White Fur
Wisp Powder
Yellow Dye