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Because TMW is smaller and more personal than many other MMORPGs, the structure of the economy is slightly different. There is a player market for monster drops as well as for items that cannot be obtained in the game.

As an aid for player to player transactions there are two bots in The Manaworld that provide as a chain element between trading partners, these are ManaMarket and AuctionBot. To get money independent from other players it is possible to sell monster drops to NPC shops that are scattered over all Continents. Any shop will buy everything at a fixed price!
Most of the items in the ManaWorld come to a use as you progress or later in the game, which means that only those items that are worth a good amount of Goldpieces and reasonably easy to hunt or obtain should be sold to NPCs.

Commonly dropped Items with Good Sell Value that are Safe to Sell to NPCs

Profitable to sell to shops

Item Monster Selling Price (GP)
Root Log Head 200
Miner Hat Red Slime 400
Boots Red Slime, Quest 500
Dagger Bat, Fire Goblin, Red Slime 500
Fancy Hat Red Scorpion, Snake, Quest 800
Miner Gloves Red Slime 1,000
Leather Shirt Black Scorpion 1,000
Ruby or Topaz Powder Quest 500
Coin Bag Spider, Bandit, Giant Maggot, Pink Flower, Green Slime 500

Some monster drops only occur rarely but are very useful, those usually sell for a good price to other players.

Rarely Dropped Items with Good Sell Value to Players

Item Monster Selling Price (GP)
Jeans Shorts Cave Snake 7,000 - 10,000
Infantry Helmet Spider 4,000 - 9,000
Leather Gloves Mountain Snake, Fallen 5000 - 12,000
Warlord Helmet Fallen 90,000 - 150,000
Warlord Plate Fallen 150,000 - 250,000
Four-Leaf Clover Clover Patch 100,000 - 200,000

There are also a lot of Monster drops that are needed to fulfill the requirements of quests in the game. Those items should not be sold to NPC shops, you can save them up for your own game progress or to sell them to a player that needs them. Furthermore there are some items that are vital to survive this game as a mage, it is always a good idea to hunt for these.

Monster Drops that are Profitable to Trade with other Players

Magic Ingredients Ashes, Hard Spikes, Iron Powders, Roots, Dark Crystal, Snake Egg, Iron Ore, Maggot Slime, Bug Leg, Life Stone
Repeatable Quest Items Black Scorpion Stingers, Scorpion Stingers, Coal, Iron Ore, Raw Logs, Treasure Keys, Amethyst, Sapphire, Terranite Ore, Bat Wings, Yellow Presentbox, White Presentbox, Herbs, Silk Cocoon, Frozen Yeti Tear, Iced Water
Quest Items Herbs, Terranite Ores, Diamond, Snake Skin, Snake Eggs (all varieties), Reed Bundle, Book Page

The prices you can aim for these items vary over time, it is recommended you take a look at the ManaMarket Statistics to get a realistic prize.

Rare items

There is a tiny economy growing around items that are no longer obtainable in the game. Some players specialized in buying and selling unobtainable items to make a living. For details see Rare Items.

Jack'O drops

These items are dropped from one of the most powerful monster in game, Jack'O. They are not rare drops but are difficult to be obtained due to the difficulty to kill this monster. These items can be bought or sold at around 3,000 GP.

  • Axe Hat
  • Bandana
  • Circlet
  • Ranger Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Pumpkin Helmet
  • V-Neck Sweater
  • Jack O Soul